About Mrs. Money Apple


Hello, and Welcome to my blog: The Money Apple!  In short, this is a personal finance blog for those of you looking to increase your net worth.  In long,  increasing your net worth means there are many natural by-products like improving the economy, your community, and the environment, not to mention your overall health and well-being.

A little about me: I’m Mrs. Money Apple, a financially independent mother of three who works hard to reject conspicuous  consumption in my family.  I repeat this mantra to myself daily; however,  I’ve got three “tweenage” girls in my home, and I am constantly fighting this fight! 

My purpose is to attract readers who will join me in my plight to change the world, one Ugg at a time.

If you seek to maximize  financial input (saving) and minimize financial output (spending), then settle in and get comfortable friends. I’ll take you on this personal journey with me. This blog contains or will contain step-by-step actions I’ve taken over the years to become financially independent. I’ll share with you my successes (and many failures) and continued struggles throughout this journey. 

Thanks for dropping in! 


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